Have you ever wanted to …

October 12, 2007

… play the dilruba/taus/esraj/tarshenai.

… do kirtan on tanti saaz

…do  kirtan in raags

…understand and appreciate Indian ClassicalMusic

BUT …have not been able to do it for various reasons….we present to you  a solution…Harsangeet.com

At Harsangeet.com you will have the opportunity to learn the various aspects of kirtan and indian classical music.

We believe learning is a life long process thus we do not have fixed course with a time limit.  You will have the choice to chose between the most basic bowing techniques to advanced  puratan reets (partal, dhrupad etc). The content will be uploaded regularly and you chose what you want to learn depending on your ability.

In addition, we have a facility for the students to upload their videos at a secure site so that you can get feedback on your playing technique. In addition, arrangements can be made for one on one time with the teacher.

Having told you about Harsangeet and what we are offering I would like to share with you about Maiya Singh ji, the main teacher at Harsangeet.com. He has studied under the likes of Pt. Rajan and Sajjan Mishra (vocal) , Pt. Siyaram Tivari(dhrupad) and Baljeet Singh ( tarshenai/dilruba). Maiya Singh ji has devoted is life to kirtan and music. Manav Singh has been learning from him for over three years now and you can check out his videos on – www.singhmusic.blogspot.com

Go pick up yr saaz bring out your tablas and tune your tanpuras its time to have some fun!



One Response to “Have you ever wanted to …”

  1. Kamaniya Says:

    Namaskar & Thank you for posting this, however I am unable to load the Harsangeet page, neither by clicking through your links nor by typing in the URL into my browser window. If you can help me to access this site I would be most grateful, thank you!

    Om Shantih


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