Raag Asa Taal TeenTaal

October 2, 2007

This is the tune or bandish i learnt for the shabad Gur Mere Sang Sada Hai Naaley


7 Responses to “Raag Asa Taal TeenTaal”

  1. sparrownotasail Says:

    this was beautiful. thank you for sharing; i enjoyed listening very much.

  2. Angad Singh Says:

    thank you for the comments : -)

    do you play as well?

  3. Manpreet Says:

    Excellent. Checked your site after quite some time. Please bring these recordings with you when you come.

    This is very very good.

  4. sparrownotasail Says:

    i play the guitar. to an extent. 🙂

  5. kadhu Says:

    hmm.. listened again and realized it will take me a couple more years to reach that… ask someone who only does bilaval and kaliyan… as ya said… it takes time la singh!

  6. angad singh Says:

    guitar..thats nice…do put up a video of yrself playing

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