Tanti Saaz shopping

August 27, 2007

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

After my last post, I decided I had enough of trying to make adjustments in my saaz cause nothing seemed to be reducing the rattling sound from the top of the instrument. This rattling sound was so annoying, I could hardly concentrate and do reaaz properly.

I decided it was time to buy a new saaz. The question was from where? I did not know any one who could help me get one from gurdial singh, nor could I wait indefinitely. The other choice was Raj Musicals. I had a word with Manav Singh ji, my friend from Bangkok. He told me  that if you want a top notch saaz from Raj you should go through some famous people. If an average person wants a saaz he will quickly make one for you and in the process over look some details. These minor defects can be fixed but only by an expert. And  you dont have a teacher near you, it can be a serious headache.

That did not make things any better for me. It was then I came across Manoj Kumar Sardar and Brothers who are based in Calcutta. They are supposedly the best makers of esraj and tarsheanis.

I took the chance and I called them up. Spoke to Mr. Manoj Kumar himself, he was very warm and spent time explaining to me the different varities of instruments they have ( in terms of kind of wood and price). On his recommendation I ordered a one piece tun wood esraj with wooden pegs for my main strings.

A month later when I received the instrument, it is just out of the world! The workman ship is just amazing! You can check out the pictures of the instrument here, here and here. I shall upload a sound sample one of these days!

Manav and I did a short practice over skype and he was totally bought over by the sound of he instrument. He has written an entry about it. Click here to read.

Now some of you may think Esraj is not our saaz in terms of Sikh Tradition, I agree it is not. Ideally I too wanted a dilruba. However, the lack of good quality dilrubas made me explore the option of the esraj. The main thing for me is the sound, the esraj sounds almost alike if not better. So till I can find a good dilruba or taus, I will stick to this saaz!

Finally to all of us out there who don’t have teachers near by, Harsangeet.com is going to launch soon. We are in the process of getting the content ready.( Do not sign up yet we are still under construction.)

You can call 91-33-2237 5835 and ask for Mr Manoj Kumar and do remember to tell him Angad from Singapore has recommended him. So as to ensure a good deal!

Thats all from me in Singapore

Guru Ang Sang Hove