You WILL Walk Alone!

May 8, 2007

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

Early last week I received an email from a friend. His father who was in the mid 70’s passed away. Later in the week the funeral was held.

My friends and I went down for the funeral. This was the first time I had seen a funeral in Singapore. There were certain things about this funeral that particularly struck me. I shall explain how the entire process takes place and then focus on the parts that struck me.

When I reached the crematorium, the body lay in rest. We payed our respects and sat down, some of us were standing at the back as the hall was small. Salok M9 was being played. After this Aardas was done and body was moved to the furnace. We went to what is called the viewing gallery. The body was then placed on an automated trolley and it moved towards the furnace. The distance that the body covered was about 15 meters. This was the part that really struck me.

He left everyone behind and moved on..taking absolutely nothing with him. The family members just stood behind a glass wall and watched the body move and disappear in the furnace.

We do read and understand that we come alone we’ll go alone etc. In India, the only other place where I have been to a funeral you place the body on the funeral pyre and then light it. In this case it was very different, thus it really shook me up as I actually saw him leave everyone and everything behind and go all by himself.

After this we came back we recited Sohila Sahib and did Aardas. The next this I noticed was that most of the people at the funeral were people with white hair, I wonder what must be going through their minds at this point of time. Not along ago some one told me – going to a funeral is basically checking out the path that we are soon going to be walking on!

After Aardas we came back to the Gurudawara Sahib where the Alhaniya were recited. In the Alhaniya guru sahib basically tells us. Don’t cry over the person who has passed way, its of no use, let us sing the praises of the lord whose house we all have to go to someday.

I wanted to take a picture of the body in the casket moving on but my praji told me not to.

I Just wanted to share this experience with the rest of you..that all of us WILL walk alone.. so all you liverpool supporters…hahaha!!

Guru Ang Sang!

Angad Singh



8 Responses to “You WILL Walk Alone!”

  1. Upinder Kaur Says:

    Its a very good post!
    I have seen many dying and attended many funerals, but not the type you have described. Its one’s own state of mind(ਮਨ ਦੀ ਅਵਸਥਾ)what one feels . I wonder what others think but looking at the burning pyre I imagine myself lying there and getting burned. It gives a feeling of detachment from this world and I can connect with The Supreme.( this is the answer to your”people with white hair, I wonder what must be going through their minds at this point of time. ” Probably this the reason bhagats used to go and sit in cremation grounds outside the village to do simran.
    If we remember Kal then we can’t forget Akal

  2. Manpreet Says:

    Fantastic. Only when one observes death from so upclose, does the person start walking the path towards God. And it is “this” step that you take and God comes a thousand steps to take you in his fold (angikar kareh oh tera!). This hitting the heart is supreme. Only then you will realize statements like “Manne Mag na chale Panth”. Now you are matha teaking and so is another person. The difference in feelings of the Chit will not be known to anyone except you.

    I am glad for you, at such an early age you have been moved. Must listen to Maskeen ji. Guru Nanak Dev ji said “Pahle maran kabool”. Then the process starts.

    All these Pundits, Doctors and the glamour in the world make us belive we are not going to die. But truth is otherwise.


  3. G Singh Says:

    Yes, you are right: we will walk alone.
    ਕਬੀਰ ਲੇਖਾ ਦੇਨਾ ਸੁਹੇਲਾ ਜਉ ਦਿਲ ਸੂਚੀ ਹੋਇ।। ਉਸੁ ਸਾਚੇ ਦੀਬਾਨ ਮਹਿ ਪਲਾ ਨ ਪਕਰੈ ਕੋਇ।।201।। (ਅੰਗ: 1375)
    Whenever I think of death, the life seems so short, and time seems to fly away.

  4. VSingh Says:

    Thanks for sharing =)

  5. Harminder Says:

    haha, i like the liverpool part. though i’m a liverpool supporter! It’s so true, doesnt Guru ji say in Sukhmani Sahib that without the Name, we will all walk alone in the afterlife? The Name is the only source of salvation , and i think death is one experience which really knocks that into us.

  6. TSingh Says:

    Well Observed and said.
    Just a humble comment on the “…15 meters” distance. In India this would translate to a couple of Kilometers of the ‘arthi’ and you might well see people stopping and acknowledging with heads bowed.

  7. Sikhi Seeker Says:

    Wow…indeed, a very moving and vivid post. As i read through it i could imagine what it might feel alike. And I agree with upinder kaur ji that it is quite a detaching experience. glad i read this post…puts a few things in perspective 🙂

    Hope all is well Angad veer!! Stay in chardi kala 🙂

  8. sevak Says:

    i’ve never been to the crematorium and the information u gave fed my curiosity.

    abt the ‘ you will walk alone” guru arjan , i think, said ” guru meray sang sadaa hai nalay ” this confirms that wou will never walk alone…. how??

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