Hukam and Free Will

April 19, 2007

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

Sorry for the lack of posts in the recents months. I have not really been reading very much as a result of which I did not have much to share.

Over the last 5 weeks I have been attending the Understanding Jap ji Sahib course which Amardeep ji is conducting. The first four weeks were dedicated to understanding some basic concepts of Gurbani so that we will be better able to appreciate Jap ji Sahib. I shall share these concepts in the next few weeks.

As the title mentions, I plan to talk about Hukam and Free Will. Often we get confused as to what is Hukam of God or the Will of God and what is Free Will. In this post I intend to share with you about these concepts.

Hukam/ Will of God

Any law of nature is Hukam. For example Newton’s Law of Gravitation or Newton’s 1st Law of Motion.

Before I go on, I must state that gurbani does not talk to our physical body, it talks to our invisible body or “Sooksham Sareer”. The ” Sooksham Sareer” is made up of three things. Mun (mind), Budhi (Intelligence) and Aahankar (Ego).

It is the ” Sooksham Sareer” that leads us to make decision, carry out actions etc. The three aspects of the “Sooksham Sareer” act as per the law of nature or Hukam . Some of you may wonder how does Aahankar or Mind always act under the will of god. In order to say whether some thing acts as per the law of nature or not we need to know what that law is.

Mun ( mind) – role assigned is the path of least resistance.

The mun will tell you koi na one more burfee wont mean any harm. or like my mun tells me…go back to sleep!

Budhi ( Intelligence ) – role assigned to do the right thing !

It is the Budhi that must take control of the situation and say no more burfee or no more sleep get up do path.

Aahankar ( Ego) – role assigned , cloud the budhi

Ego will make you feel all big and proud and cloud yr intelligence and tell you, ” I am invincible and you go to an exam without much prep.”

As you can already tell the Mun and the Aahankar work hand in hand to ensure you don’t always do the right thing. That too is Hukam!

Free will also lies under the domain of Hukam, the law it follows is that you have the choice to do what you wish to do.

Having established that Free Will lies under the domain of Hukam, we cant say, ” Oh if god wants me to be good I will be good , etc”. We ought to do out best, putting our budhi to the right use and fight against the mind and ahankar. Doing so we must be able to leave the result to God, that is not in our control unlike our actions ( via our budhi).

That is all I have to share from my notes. Amardeep Ji if there is anything you would like to correct or add please let me know.

Guru Ang Sang Hove



One of a kind

April 18, 2007

 One of a kind, originally uploaded by Angad Singh.


These shoes are made specially Fauja Singh ji by Adidas. I got this picture from Kuljeet Singh’s face book who had the honor to run with Bhai Sahib ji.