January 25, 2007

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Each time I see this photograph, it inspires me to go on doing reaaz. This was taken at one of the numerous music camps the Raj Academy organizes each year all over the world.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

The talk given by Amardeep Ji over the weekend was wonderful. He was kind enough to share the powerpoint slides with me. I will share some aspects of the presenation over the next few posts.

In this post I will share one slide from the presenation that shows us who contributed how many shabads in the Guru Granth Shaib.

People who contributed to the SGGS

(change in the link has been made)

Also since the month of basant is here and everyone is listening to basant raag I would like to share some shabads sung in basant raag. In this recording before the shabad is sung, the raag is introduced.

Hau Kachu Na Janu Teri Saar

Have a great week ahead

Rabh Rakaha


Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

While reading paath or while following the display screen on the projecter you may have wondered..

why do we do kirtan?

what is the structure of the guru granth sahib ji like? which bani is supposed to come where and why?

why was it organized in this particular manner?

what does rahao mean?

how are we to interpret a particular shabad?

what is the use of the numbers at the end of each verse?

what purpose do numbers such as 4||12||25 , that are found at the end of the shabad serve?

while singing kirtan which line is to be made the chorus?

what is the meaning of raag on top of the shabad?

On the 21st January. At Khalsa Dharmak Sabha Gurudawara Sahib from 1 pm to 2:30pm Amardeep Singh Ji will be speaking sharing with us about Musical Frame Work Of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji in which he will answer each of the questions listed above.

I attended this talk in August 2004 and it was a real eye opener. He has given this talk 3 times after in Singapore it self and once Boston as well.

So please come down on the 21st of Jan to Khalsa Dharmak Sabha from 1 pm to 2.30 and get the answers to your questions and understand what guru sahib has to tell us about kirtan.

If you have any further questions you can reach me by droping me an email.

Guru Ang Sang!



January 10, 2007

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

I would like to thank all of you who sent me emails and called me to find out if everything was alright and why I did not update the blog.

I am doing perfectly fine, I was not sure what to blog about as I had been busy inMalaysia for most of december.

The Samelan was awsome!

The organizers made some changes that made the samelan really interesting. Participants who were around my age went through a leadership course. The course was conducted by Sikhs who have made it big in the coproate world. In addition to the leadership course, we also discussed about how we should handle situations were some one hurls a racial abuse at us, how do we explain about out the significane of physical roop, etc.

The leadership course gave us the opportunity to interact with our peers from all over the world and to interact with the speakers as well. It was really interesting to interact with all of them, I got to learn a lot.

Chardi Kala Jatha came to the samelan for two days, they sang very well. There has been a drastic improvement in their vocals. Kudos to them! I shall upload some kirtan done by them in a few days.

After the samelan, I was busy with the new years kirtan durbar and then I was in Malaysia for the weekend again. I bought some books.
The Sikh Faith: Questions and Answers by Dr Gurbaksh Singh, is an amazing book. I have read more than half the book and I must say it clears up so many misconceptions, its a must read for anyone who wants to understand the Sikh Faith.

I shall share some abstracts from the book in the next post.

The other books I bought are:

Bhagats- Saints of the Guru Granth Sahib – Shamsher Singh Puri

The Sikh Tree As The Same Grew – Jagjit Singh

In addition, a very kind sould sent me Prof. Sahib Singh ji’s autobiography and the explaination of the banis’s of all the Bhagats. I plan to spend the next few months reading these books.

Reeaz is going well, Master ji is making me play some advanced compositions and they are taking a lot of time. I just got to keep on going.

Guru Ang Sang!

Angad Singh