My dear ones Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

It pains me to inform you that Bhai Avtar Singh ji has passed away on the 24th of November at his family home in India. Bhai Baldeep Singh his sent me a mail informing me about this loss.

Bhai Sahib, was a legendary kirtanea and belonged to a family who has been serving the guru ghar and the sangat for 11 generations. He was known for scores of reets that were passed down to him from his forefathers who sang the same reets in the guru sahibs court.

He was a person who devoted his life and did what he was born to do…to serve the sangat and the guru ghar ..whilst many in his generation strayed off the path of the guru and got caught up in worldly matters he stood strong, like a rock…

Though I only learnt about Bhai Sahib about 3 years ago and met him only once, the passion with which he did kirtan is just amazing. His style, unique and attractive made one of my gora friends say..

“i don’t know what he is singing but i can feel a strong yearning in his voice..he’s calling out to someone”…

..Mohan Ghar Avoh…this only happens when a man sings from his heart and as we all know there are very few who can be compared with him..there is no doubt as to why in my friend circle he is known as and referred to as GOD.

In addition to doing blissful kirtan, Bhai Sahib and his brother also wrote 2 books which contain about 500 priceless compositions in the raags of the guru granth sahib. Also in his last 3 years he picked up the taus once again and that has helped in propagation of Tanti Saaj Kirtan.

Let us be inspired by Bhai Sahib’s works and carry on the legacy of doing kirtan the way it ought to be done.

Below are links to some of my favorite shabad reets rendered by Bhai Sahib.

Dhan Siranda Sacha Paathsha

this shabad is the 1st shabad under Alhaniyan. Alhainya is the bani sung at the time of death. There are 2 shabads under alhaniyan and they are both wirtten by Guru Nanak Dev Ji in Raag Vadhans.

Gun Naad Dhun Anhad Bhed

this is an ancient reet of the times of the Guru sahib’s. This is one of the oldest forms of dhrupad sung in the courts of the guru sahib

Mohan Ghar Avoh

listening to this a gora friend said… “i don’t know what he is singing but i can feel a strong yearning in his voice..he’s calling out to someone”…

Saajanara Mera Saajanara

Moko Taar Le Rama Taar Le

May God and Guru be with Bhai Sahib’s family.

Guru Ang Sang!


Guru Tegh Bhadur Sahib Ji

November 24, 2006

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!


Today is the day when Guru Teg Bhadur Sahib gave up his life in order to fight for those who could not defend themselves.


However, this does not mean that the Sikhs were made to protect hindus and cause now they face no more threat there is no reason for sikhs to have their roop.


Prof Dharshan Singh ji has explained very welll in this lecture title Na Hum Hindu


I have listen to this lecture about 2 years ago and I plan to listen to it again after my exams. I am afraid I wont be able to talk much about it before that. Though I would encourage you to download and listen to this.

Have a great weekend ahead.

Guru Ang Sang


Waheguru Ji Ka Khlasa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

Over the weekend I attended the Japji Sahib course which was conducted by Ek Ong Kar Kaur Khalsa from New Mexico. She shared Japji sahib in a very different light.
I will share what she taught us over the next week or so. I am a little caught up with uni so please bear with me.

In the mean while please enjoy this musical recitiation of The Japji Sahib by Chardi Kala Jatha.

Guru Ang Sang