Experiencing Sikhism!

October 24, 2006

Ramala for the Guru, originally uploaded by Gurumustuk Singh.

On 22’nd October was the Guru Gaddi Day of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Most of us did not even know this!!

Most of the Sikhi’s went around wishing each other Happy Diwali/ Bandi Chor and doing the Bandi Chor Sakhi with the kids.  And the Guru Gaddi Day was just a passing event.However,the scene at Espanola, New Mexio was very very different..

Read on to see what they did.

The children of the Sangat have been working on a gift for the Guru all month. First they learned the story of the orphan Jetha (Guru Ram Das’ name as a child – means “first born”) and how he sold wheat berries in the streets of Goindwal to provide for his grandmother and himself. They then took packages of wheat berries around to the offices here and sold them for $1 each, explaining their project to everyone. With the money collected material was purchased for a Ramala designed by the children. Each child decorated a square and these were put together by Guru Nam Kaur. This creative Ramala, blessed with the innocence of our children, will be presented to the Guru Sunday, Guru Gaddee Day, with each child taking part.

Uploaded by Gurumustuk Singh on 23 Oct ’06, 11.03am MYT.
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This is truly experiencing Sikhism!

Thanks to Gurumustuk Singh Ji for sharing this with us.

Guru Ang Sang!



3 Responses to “Experiencing Sikhism!”

  1. INVOLVING children in Sikhi and allowing them to EXPERIENCE Sikhi rather merely “hear” or “read” alone, is the key to children feeling a part of Sikhi and having enthusiasm and passion.

    May Waheguru bless the children and bless the Panth with Chardikala.

  2. Puneet Kaur Says:


    This is really amazing!little kids decorating a Rumala Sahib for Guru Maharaj…so inspiring watching their enthusiasm!
    Maharaj meher karan..

  3. Sikhi Seeker Says:


    It’s been a while since I visited Gurumustak ji’s blog…but thank you Angad for sharing this!

    I never ever ever thought about a combined art and craft in this form for the learning of Sikhi, for the precious engagement of the purest beings on earth. This inspires me, hopefully, I will be able to reproduce something similar sometime – I can only imagine what a great thrill it’ll be to work on preparing a material gift for the Guru :):)

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