Mehervan Sahib Mehervan

September 14, 2006

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru  Ji Ki Fateh

I am sorry I have not posted in a long time now. The term has started and my courses are rather heavy and I am doing my reaaz as regularly as possible.

In addition I am learning how to read Gurmukhi properly so that I can ready bani correctly and read books which are written in Gurmukhi cause a translation is only as good as the translator!

In this post I would like to share with you one of the shabads that really tugs the strings of my heart each time i listen to it. In addition I will also share with you about shabad structure.

iqlµg mhlw 5 Gru 3 ]

imhrvwnu swihbu imhrvwnu ]
swihbu myrw imhrvwnu ]
jIA sgl kau dyie dwnu ] rhwau ]

qU kwhy folih pRwxIAw quDu rwKYgw isrjxhwru ]
ijin pYdwieis qU kIAw soeI dyie
AwDwru ]1]

ijin aupweI mydnI soeI krdw swr ]
Git Git mwlku idlw kw scw prvdgwru ]2]

kudriq kIm n jwxIAY vfw vyprvwhu ]
kir bMdy qU bMdgI ijcru Gt mih swhu ]3]

qU smrQu AkQu Agocru jIau ipMfu qyrI rwis ]
rhm qyrI suKu pwieAw sdw nwnk kI Ardwis ]4]3]

At times we get wound up and get worried about things. We get worked up over issues that are beyond our control. During such times I love to listen to this shabad. It constantly reminds me that I should just do my best and leave the rest to god cause he is my care taker.

Listen to a rendition of this shabad by Chardi Kala Jatha.

Something to notice is the structure of the poetry.

In this shabad each stanza has 2 tuks. However, in the rahao stanza there are 3 tuks. Also if you notice the rahao stanza has short sentences while the other stanzas have longer sentences. This is the case with a number of shabads.

A lot of my readers are good poets and they would know this just distorts the poetry. Wonder why Guru sahib did this? I believe it has basically to ensure we stop and ponder as to what this has happened and this will lead us to reading the poetry (gurbani) and try to understand the meaning of the shabad. Apart from reading this also affects the flow when we sing so when we sit in the Darbar and listen to bani being sung we dont get lost, the distortion in structure brings our wandering mind back!

This is also why we have to be careful to sing the shabad properly using the right rahao, using the correct composition. Have you wondered why purtatan reets tug the strings of your hearts more often than the normal kirtan we get to hear in our local guru ghars? Have you noticed it takes a while to get used to the kirtaneea but when you do with little help u are almost able to get a general idea of the shabad understand what the shabad means.

Our guru sahibs were amongst the first to use rahao. The word rahao means pause. For a kirtaneea rahao is the chorus line that he is supposed to use for the shabad. it contains the central theme of the shabad.

The other stanzas just help us in understanding the rahao line better. Sometimes they sound contradictory to the message of the rahao line and at times they highlight the message. This is basically to get us thinking to get our attention. When we hear some one say something we least expect it catches our attention doesnt it ! Guru Sahib is using the same technique.

In this shabad guru shaib explains the message in the rahao line by telling us in many ways that the everything is waheguru’s creation and he is the care taker.

The next most important line after the rahao is the last line in which the author of the shabad tells us what really we should be doing. Guru sahib tells us..that our we should pray to god and ask him to bless us so that we can realize god for ourselves. That should be our aardas all along.

I am of the opnion that the manner in which we do our aardas makes all the difference ..i dont think aardas is just about stading in front of guru sahib and saying please bless me..its even acting it out..if everyone is god’s creation are we treating them like that?..i guess even that would be part of the aardas.

Please share so that we can all learn!

Guru Ang Sang!

Angad Singh


7 Responses to “Mehervan Sahib Mehervan”

  1. Puneet Kaur Says:

    Beautiful …pure bliss Veera!
    Thanks for sharing.

    Guru Fateh

  2. Balbir Singh Says:

    Nice!My father used to recite this in the morning before bath.He had pasted it on the door of the drawing room.
    Guru Angsang.

  3. Angad Singh Says:

    Thank you Puneet Ji

    Balbir Uncle Ji..
    I just love this shabad..each time i hear it it bring tears to my eye..the lines
    Tu Kahe Dole Pranea Tudh Rake Ga Sirjan Haar Jin Paidaish Tu Kee-aa So hee day aadhaar..

    akaal shaee

  4. Inderpreet Singh Says:

    Angad Singh – great post and explanation. I also love the line…”Tu kahe dole prania tudh rakhega sirjanhar…”. Its like saying….”Chill out dudes, just relax…it will all be taken care of, nothing to worry!”. or… “Don’t worry, be happy”.

    Carhdi Kala!

  5. Angad Singh Says:

    yah ..exactly..the big boss takes care of it all

  6. satvinder Says:

    chote veer ji

    I’m not qualified to but I just wanted to congratulate you on this post. The fact that you have taken time out to analyse gurbani and apply it to your life is an inspiration.

    “I am of the opnion that the manner in which we do our aardas makes all the difference”

    Me too. I’m not sure that I follow what you are trying to say from thereon but, I think the way it goes is… “tere bhaaNe(h) sarbat da bhalla”. ie. we’re not just asking him to bless us individually but to bless all of his creation. Erm, lots so say but perhaps not much more that really needs(!) to be said.

    take care… (“,)

  7. Angad Singh Says:

    Guru Fateh Vadeh Phenji!

    What i mean is we not only need to say Sarbat Da Bhalla..we need to do put our words in actions…that could be helping out and doing something constructive to help someone =)

    Guru Ang Sang!

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