Rakab Ganj Sahib Recordings

September 5, 2006

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

After a very long time I have managed to upload the kirtan files of these audio recordings I made at rakab ganj sahib. I took time as I wanted to figure out a way where I could keep theses recordings online for a long time.

I found http://www.4shared.com they offer you 1gb of space per account and the limit on the file size if 50 mb so that is very good as most kirtan files are less than 50 mb.

I have not uploaded all the kirtan I still have some more files to go and I will do it in a short while.

For now these are the files I have uploaded

Bhai Gurmit Singh Shant sang Darasan Payasee Dinas Raat in Jaitsree Raag set to Ik taal and Sant Jana Nu Har Jas Gayo in Raag Berari set to the 21 beat Mal Taal. He then went on to sing Kan Kundaliya Vastar Odhaliya in Raag Asa Set to 8 beat Kehrwa. He ended of with Sodar.

Click here to download

After Rehraas Sahib Principal Samsher Singh Kreer and his students sang Mere Lalan Ki Soba in Raag Kalyan set to 16 beat teen taal. This was followed by Har Har Har Gun Gavoh in Raag Kedara set to 12 beat Ik taal. He ended off by singing Gave Gun Gopal Kirpa Nidh in Raag Karana set to 16 beat teen taal.

Click here to download

Bhai Baljit Singh and Gurmit Singh did kirtan sewa after Principal Shamsher Singh. Preetam Prem Bhagat Ke Daate- Malhar Partal a puratan bandish. Bhai Bajit explains that they are singing the purtan kind of Malhaar Raag and about this bandish as well. After this shabad they sing Man Tan Tera in Raag Maajh in 8 kehrva.

The tanti saaz you hear is the Taar Shenai.

Click here to download

To end the diwan Prof Kartar Singh ji and his students sang in Raag Nat Narayan. I am sorry I am unable to catch which shabad is he singing as the saaz is too loud. I think its Ohlahan May Kaho but I am not too sure. He then sang Raag Behagra – Sun Lo Bentia Swami Mere Raam. He ended of by singing Madho Hum Aisay Tu Aisay in Raag Sorath.

Click here to download

Hope you enjoy the recordings.

Akaal Sahee



4 Responses to “Rakab Ganj Sahib Recordings”

  1. Puneet Kaur Says:

    Fateh Veera

    These are such valuble recordings!!thank you for sharing.

    Guru rakha

  2. jatlee Says:

    fateh! glad to hear these priceless recs! i missed bhai balbir singh when i went india! was gna cry he was tehre when i was there! 😥
    oh an paaji its sunho benantia swaami mere raam kot apraadh pare pi tere chere raam!

  3. satvinder Says:

    still haven’t made time to learn how to use this 4.shared.com… but think I should do so soon… cos me thinks I’m missing out (“,)

  4. angad Says:

    Yes phenji

    please..share your collection with us!!

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