Gurbani tells how to handle waggy tongues

August 29, 2006

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

Hope all of you had a nice weekend.

I do not know about other communities but I know for sure that there are lot of waggy tongues our particular community. I am sure at some point in time of like all of us have been slandered at. I for one was confused how to react to it. Thanks to my Praji I was able to handle the situation with grace.

I am wiriting this to share with you a wonderful article on how to handle slander.

inMdau inMdau mo kau logu inMdau ]

Slander me, slander me — go ahead, people, slander me. Slander (being slandered)
is pleasing to God’s humble servant….(sggs 339)
click here to read this article

Have a blessed week

Akaal Sahee

Angad Singh


One Response to “Gurbani tells how to handle waggy tongues”

  1. satvinder Says:

    ello chhote veer ji!

    Haven’t said hi to you for a long time. Well at least it feels like a long time. Hope all is good. Take care. (“,)

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