Mool Mantar

August 26, 2006

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Last week I was reading an article on the Mool Mantar. It is beautifully written, each word is explained very well.

<> siqnwmu krqw purKu inrBau inrvYru
Akwl mUriq AjUnI sYBM gurpRswid ]
(sggs 1).

Both “Mool” (also spelt Mul) and “Mantra” are Sanskrit words — “Mool” simply meaning “Root” (or Source, Main, Chief, Primordial etc.), Mantra simply meaning “incantation” (or magic chant etc.). Hence Mool-Mantra means Root-Mantra. Just as the fragrance is boxed in the flower, and the light of the sun is hidden in the colors, similarly, the Essence of the Divine is summed up in the Mool-Mantra. Revealed by Baabaa Nanak, it’s the commencing or opening (first) composition of Sri Guru Granth Sahib (SGGS). Hence it’s also called Manglaacharan (remembrance of God) or invocation. It also appears (in full or short form) before the commencement of most of the Raagas within the SGGS. The Mool-Mantra is said to encapsulates the Essence of Baabaa Nanak’s Message, thus it’s the heart of the Sikh-Thought. Bhaaee Gurdaas Jee in his Vaars (Vaar 3, Paurhee 49) provides us with more explanation of the Mool-Mantra.

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Have a good weekend

Akaal Sahee



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