Gosh!! Whats Happening??

August 12, 2006

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

These pictures were taken at Harminder Sahib when I went there on the 17th of June.Read the gurmukhi and then the english.

Kudos to the SGPC for having good intentions by putting sign boards in English so that people like me who have issues reading Gurmukhi are not totally lost. However, I wonder how ignorant/careless they are that they do not even want to insure that the translation even makes sense grammatically.

On reading such boards I wonder how much incorrect translation has aided in the decline of Sikhism. In addition if they are as careless and ignorant what about the Gurmukhi, is that perfect?

Some common incorrect translations:

Guru Granth Sahib ji – Holy book of the Sikhs. Since when did our guru sahib become a holy book? As a result Guru Sahib is not give the status of Guru. We may bow in front of it but we dont really regard it as the guru do we? When the Hukamnama is taken most of the sangat is in a hurry to rush out. Or when we go through a though time we start going to babas and such people.

Harminder Sahib- Golden Temple

Jathedar – Head Priest Vedanti is referred to as the Head priest since when did Sikhs have priests

Gyani – A Sikh Priest a better translation would be a person who knows about the Guru Granth Sahib or a Sikhism Teacher.

If I have missed out any please feel free to add them.

The point I am making is let stick to Gurmukhi as much as we can and avoid the translations as they are only as good as the translator. Also when we need to explain lets not try to get the message across without resorting to terms like ” the bible of the sikhs”, “preist”,etc. Lets make an effort to explain the correct meaning.

I did not learn Gumukhi as a kid so today I am still grappling with reading it takes time but seriously its worth the effort.

A good place to start is to read the Hukamnams or meanings of any shabads in Darpan written by Professor Sahib Singh Ji. I have not started doing that as yet but I am going to start on it before this month comes to an end.

Guru Ang Sang



2 Responses to “Gosh!! Whats Happening??”

  1. Amardeep Singh Says:

    Had a good laugh!!

    If anyone with influence in SGPC reads this then can he/she influence the management to make appropriate grammatical changes.

    Amardeep Singh

  2. singhu Says:

    Brother, Good post…

    The fact is, religion has become business!!.. All these people are attached to MAYA not Guru. The day we respect and believe dhan dhan SGGS Jee as living Guru, We will achieve everything.. : ).

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