Gurmat Sangeet : Bhai Davinder and Mohinder Partap Singh

July 30, 2006

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

Couple of years ago a father and his three sons came to do kirtan in singapore. They live in the US but I am not certian where. I have not seen them do kirtan, nor have i met them. I have only heard recordings of them doing kirtan. They have an amazing style.

The Tanti Saaz in these files is a Violin which is played by the Father Bhai Partap Singh Ji.

Today I intend to share with you some of the shabads they sang while they were in Singapore.

Ram Bol Ram Ram, Bhai Re Ram Kaho, Niamk Na Bisro Tum Kau

Amrit Bani Har Har Teri, Sun Vadhabgia, Aao Sajana Dekha Darshan

If anyone has information about them and or their pictures pleas email me.

Guru Fateh!
Angad Singh


2 Responses to “Gurmat Sangeet : Bhai Davinder and Mohinder Partap Singh”

  1. Amardeep Singh Says:


    The family now stays in the State of NY, near the Canadian border. I should have their phone number in my diary in Singapore.

    Bhai Partap Singh, the father accompanied his three sons in this tour. He used to do keertan in Gurudwara Sis Ganj Sahib at Delhi before migrating to US with his sons. Now his son Bhai Davinder Partap Singh is the lead voice of the Jatha. In these recordings you can hear a shivering voice in the background and this is of their father Bhai Partap Singh.

    They did keertan at Gurudwara Katong Sahib in Singapore for a whole week and the sangat consisted of barely 8-10 people on every day. One day I requested Bhai Sahib to play the Dilruba instead of the Violin (which he plays very well) and it was sad to hear him pour out his frustration at the attendance of sangat in Katong Gurudwara. His reply was that what difference would it make if he did play the Dilruba? After all the 8-10 who were regularly attending were already aware of Dilruba. I could understand his sense of frustration and agreed that I should only be a silent listener and enjoy the keertan the way they best felt to present.

    Compare the level of encouragement given by our sangats to the “Singers” and “Raagis”. I guess I needn’t clarify who I mean by the “Singers” and “Raagis”.

    You need to dig deep for Diamonds in a Coal mine.

    Amardeep Singh

  2. upinder kaur Says:

    So true Amardeep singh ji !

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