Satwant Kaur – Another Novel by Bhai Vir Singh Ji

July 27, 2006

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

As mentioned in my earlier posts I would like to share with you about another novel that was written by Bhai Vir Singh Ji.

This novel, like Sundri is based around the late 1800 and its about this girl who is kidnapped and is taken away by the afghans to Kabul, how she lives there and returns home and brings fellow sikhs back with her.

I would like to share some of the instances narrated by Bhai Sahib which highlight the character of the Sikhs. Since this book is rather detailed I will talk about it in 2 posts. In this particular post I will narrate some instances that show how united the Sikhs amongst themselves and how much they loved and cared for their dear ones.

An afghan once saw a group of Sikhs sitting and discussing. He asked them what they were upto. They explained that two Sikh brothers had a difference of opinion and they were helping them sort it out. The afghan said thats their issue let them settle it why leave do you want to interfere. The Sikhs added saying that is how we are we ensure that all issues are sorted out so that we remain strong as one and dont get divided amongst ourselves. This shows how the love and concern the Sikhs back then had for each other. Today..the lesser said the better it is..

Another instance which shows how united the Sikhs back then were: Gurmatta – There were numerous times when important decisions had to be made like deciding whom to attack, when to attack, how to protect ourselves etc. Even though the Sikhs were divided into small groups and lived independently. However, they were a united lot. When the time to make an important decision came, all the important people were called and the met at a place sat down and discussed after which aardas was done. Hukamnama was taken and then the decision was announced to the others. All groups came together as one and stayed united. Today forget taking decisions, people refuse to talk to other Sikhs saying that the other aint good enough and it could be cause of the color of their turban and shape of their turban or where they sit while eating langar?

Finally in this book Bhai Sahib narrates how sikhs never give up looking for their lost ones and always pray for their safety. Bhai Vir Singh Ji goes on to explain and narrate the meeting of Satwant Kaur with her parents who have been hunting high and low for their daughter of whom they had not heard about for a decade now. The had total faith that if their daughter is alive she will remain a Sikh and will come back to them and if she is not alive she would have died a Sikh.

In a seperate post I shall speak about how the Sikh’s helped and supported each other emotionally during the tough times in the late 1800s. This book is rather detailed in its narration of various events. What really captures my attention is that like Sundri, the it highlights what a Khalsa ought to be like. Like Sundri, this too is a must read.

You can get a copy from or from Bhai Vir Singh Sadan in Delhi.

Guru Fateh!

Angad Singh


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