Some pics from Hariminder Shab Visit

June 23, 2006

A Purtan Saranda

Can You spot what does not fit in to this picture

They ve come to meet the Guru

..and so has this kabootar


10 Responses to “Some pics from Hariminder Shab Visit”

  1. satvinder Says:

    lol! is that a tie? It’s not a gaatra, is it? Or is it? hmnnnn (“,)

  2. Is it the Notice board that says “Railway Booking Office” and then underneath it says “No Reservation”?

  3. jatlee Says:

    its definatly the tie! that babas a stud muffin hey!

  4. TeraRoop Says:

    the coke bottle?

    i think it’s a coke bottle..

  5. Angad Singh Says:

    spot on teraroop ji..its the coke bottle!!..


  6. well, the point was spot the odd out. A Baba drinking Coke is nothing odd. I guess Babas are not forbidden to have a cold drink. Anyway, it was a good no brainer.

  7. Angad Singh Says:

    it was just quite a sight to see this baba gulping down coke …I wanted to capture him drinking the coke but he was way to fast for me. =)


  8. satvinder Says:

    okay but… was that a tie?!!

  9. Angad Singh Says:

    i am not sure ji..i did not take too much notice on that but it does look like a tie to me though..



  10. beant singh idiot wala Says:

    hes got a choclate in his other hand
    looks like baba jis gt a bit of a shweet tooth lol

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