1000 words ..probabaly more

June 11, 2006

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

Sorry for not updating earlier. I have had almost no access to the internet for a while. Also I bought metallic tuning heads for my dilruba so I spent 1 entire weekend just on retying the frets and re stringing the instrument.

Anyway, I was at Rajab Ganj Sahib on 26th May and I took some really good shots.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Listening attentively!

What should we make Bhai Avtar sing??
You should sing Raag Maru

Singing his heart out – Bhai Balbir Singh Ji

Can you see the joy on Prof Kartar Singh ji’s face

Bhai Avtar Singh Ji singing Ghol Ghumee Lalna in Raag Maru

Thats all for today. In the next post I shall probabaly write about Dinner with Bhai Avtar Singh Ji.I have the recordings for the kirtan progamme. I will upload it when I get back home in 6 weeks!

Till next time..Guru Fateh!

Angad Singh

Ps: please click on the pics to enjoy!! esp the last 3 ones.


13 Responses to “1000 words ..probabaly more”

  1. Arina Says:

    ur one lucky guy… n thx for all the mp3 u’ve given me… ur really the best!!
    keep up with the dilruba…

    guru rakha

  2. satvinder Says:

    Hee… I like your captions. Nice. Thanks for sharing.

  3. S.K. Says:

    Great photos bro, I can’t wait to hear the recordings, it’ll make us feel like we are right there…

  4. jatlee Says:

    maaaaaaaan oh maaaaaaaaaaaaan! god 1 2 and 3 what is going on! man you must of done some bhagti to get to hear this!

  5. Angad Singh Says:

    Thanks for all your comments!

    it was great to see the 3 gods together..and the recordings are pretty good cause i was able to get them on line in.

    take care all of you


  6. vsingh Says:

    Angad Singh, I understand theres a smagam at Rakab Ganj again the 16th (Guru Arjan Dev Ji Shaheedi) with Bhai Balbir Singh Ji!
    I hope to go there…

    Any idea of the other two ‘Gods’ (lol) are going to be there too?

  7. Angad Singh Says:

    fateh vsingh ji

    i am aware of this samagam.

    I wont be going as I am at work at that time.

    As for the other 2 god’s. no they are not coming. God 1 is in canada and i am not too sure about God 3’s plans.


  8. jatlee Says:

    lol the recs on line in! wow

  9. Sikhi Seeker Says:

    This is amazing Angad. The faces are lightened and look enlightened. Superb moments captured! Hope you are doing great in India 🙂

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Who are these gods that you all are talking about ?

  11. $arab Says:

    waheguru jee!

  12. jatlee Says:

    lololol gods! god 1 is bhai avtar singh and god2 is bhai balbir singh and god 3 is prof kartaar! the 3 gods! its a personal thing but its true man! theyre god!–>

  13. amarjeet Says:

    ty for sharing . nice and memorable photos .

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