Note from Delhi!

May 25, 2006

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

I would like to thank to all of you who wrote in to me and left comments on the blog – wishing me the best for this internship.

Sorry for not posting sooner. I do not have regular access to the internet. In the office I have not been given a connection so the only time I can log on is if another computer is free or I am at home. Besides strictly no blogging from office!!

Delhi has been interesting so far. Work is good as well. I am doing a strategic research in which I have to find if there is any association between the Sensation Seeking Scale and Product experimentation. This research is pretty much like any marketing research. In fact the steps are the same.

I guess I will be learning more about how to do research rather than working on converting a client brief to a creative brief ie understanding the needs of the client, coming up with ideas to meet the needs of the client and the having the creative department work on that idea so that at the end of a day a good campaign is launched.

I haven’t really made friends at work but I am sure I will do so by the end of this week. The reason is that I have to work alone on this project so my interaction is reduced to the lunch hour.

As for Kirtan. I have been playing the dilruba almost every day. I have also started reading Spirit Born People written by Puran Singh ji, it is very interesting I must say.

My dear friend Arina has promised to send me 2 notations per month so that I have more than just sargams to practise. She has uploaded one on her her blog. I am sure she will upload the rest after reading this post =p…wei.. U better stick to yr 2 notations per month..

There is a kirtan darbar this Sunday at rakab ganj sahib. Bhai Avtar Singh ji, Bhai Balbir Singh ji, Prof Kartar Singh ji will be doing kirtan. I shall be recording and taking pictures as well. I am not too sure when I can share the recordings but I will try to upload some pictures

Till next time..

Guru Fateh!
Angad Singh


5 Responses to “Note from Delhi!”

  1. S.K. Says:

    Sounds great bro, I wouldn’t mind doing some more market research sometimes as us creative people are pretty much abiding by the brief but of course without understanding what the customer wants or the ethos of the company, well the end product is really of no use then.

    I’m so jealous about the Sunday kirtan darbar, can’t wait for the recordings.


  2. Prabhu Singh Says:

    You da man Angad Singh Ji!
    I’m looking forward to the recordings as well. No rush though, they’ll be great at any time.
    Sat Naam.

  3. jatlee Says:

    angad ji! i cant say how lucky you are! when you lay your eyes on bhai balbir singh say fateh to him! man i would have to be so blessed to even do darshan of him! WHAT! i just realised you get to see GOD 1 and GOD 2 together oh man gna faint!

  4. jatlee Says:

    …………and GOD 3!! my my!

  5. Angad Singh – Guru Phatah!

    While you are in Dilli try and lookup Bhai Hardeep Singh and Bhai Gurdeep Singh and listen to them. They are the nephews of the great and late Bhai Santa Singh Ragi. You will surely recognize their style and genre. Nampreet Singh has many recordings of theirs.

    Also, looking forward to the recordings from Rakab Ganj gurduara this Sunday.

    Carhdi kala!

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