Off to Delhi..

May 20, 2006

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

A hectic summer term is finally over..

In about 8 hours I leave for Delhi!

No not for a holiday..I will be interning with Rediffusion DYR, an advertising agency for a period of 9 weeks from 22nd May to 20th July. I will be working in the Strategic Planning Department.

Other than my internship I intend to do some reading along with continuing my reeaz. In addition I intend to maintain a journal of my experiences in India. As a result it may happen that the topics I blog about may not necessarily be on or about Gurmat Sangeet.

Those of you who are in Delhi I look forward to meeting you once again and I hope Bhai Avtar Singh Ji is in Delhi for a while so that I would have a chance of listening to him live.

I have just uploaded a live recording of Bhai Balbir Singh Ji singing 10th Guru Sahib’s bani – click here to download

This would be my last post from home..more posts from Delhi!!

Guru Fateh!
Angad Singh


8 Responses to “Off to Delhi..”

  1. Singhu Says:

    Take Care Brother..Your blog is worth exploring….


  2. Anonymous Says:


    Wahe GuruJi Ka Khalsa
    Wahe GuruJi Ki Fateh

  3. S.K. Says:

    Good luck with your internship and have fun, may guroo ji continue to give you such fantastic opportunities.

    Guroo Rakha 🙂

  4. Prabhu Singh Says:

    Good luck with your internship. Thanks for having a great blog.
    As I’m writing this comment, I’m sitting at home after getting back from Gurdwara where I brought my laptop and made CDs for people again. I’m sharing stuff that you and others have given me. Thanks so much!

  5. SikhsRus Says:

    Have fun in Delhi! Good luck and don’t forget to share your experience and pictures.

  6. satvinder Says:

    Good luck with your internship chhote(h) veer ji. Look forward to reading your delhi journal and hearing of your wonderful experinces relating to gurmat sangeet.

  7. Sikhi Seeker Says:

    May Waheguru bless you with more Nadar and you learn and share even more with us. Have a great internship and a delightful experience of living in India. I’m sure you won’t forget the camera 🙂

    Best wishes,
    God bless 🙂

  8. Anoop Says:

    Angad Veer Ji
    Have fun learning experience in Delhi. The research project indeed sound very interesting.
    Please share with us more Kirtan and expeeriences relating to life in Delhi.
    Good Luck! and stay cool ( It is very hot in India these days).

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