Gurbani Gavoh Bhai: Prof Kartar Singh

May 17, 2006

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!This would be the final post on Gurbani Gavoh Bhai kirtan program that was held in Delhi.

Prof. Kartar Singh ji’s sang on the 2nd day of the program. He is the Director of the Gurmat Sangeet Academy which is at Anandpur Shaib. In 1941, he started to learn kirtan from Gyani Gurcharan Singh ji and Bhai Dalip Singh ji. Professor Sahib is about 78 years old and is known to be one of the living legends in the field of gurmat sangeet.

Prof. Kartar Singh ji does kirtan at Anandpur Sahib every wednesday evening for an hours along with his students.

At the kirtan program he sang and his students sat behind him. Most of them were playing the tanpura while there was 1 with the waja. The other insturments being played were the Taus and Dilruba.

The shabads Prof Kartar Singh ji sang at the samagam were

1. Bin Kartar Na – Raag Kalyan Taals: 9.5 matras and 13 matras( jai taal)

2. Koye Jan Harseo Deyveh Jor – Raag Jaitsree , 12 beats

3. Mitre Pyare Nu Taal : 14 beats – Firdoust Taal

Click here to download the kirtan. The sound quality is quite bad so please bear with it. if anyone know how to clean the recording please write in.

Some of the other recordings of the shabads Prof ji has sung:

Nirgun Rakh Liya – Raag Tukhari

Har Ki Gat Neh Ko Hu Jane – Raag Bihargra

Hau Kachu Na Janu Teri Saar -Raag Basant

Mo Ko Koi Na Jaanat – Raag Maru

Prabh Moeh Kab Gal Lavengey – Raag Kalyan


Guru Fateh!
Angad Singh


3 Responses to “Gurbani Gavoh Bhai: Prof Kartar Singh”

  1. jatlee Says:

    this is truely my favourite from all your journey! man this gets me! i love this one tooo much! thanks for sharing your mission with us paaaji!

  2. S.K. Says:

    I agree, I’ve only been introduced to Prof. Kartar Singh ji in the last few months and he has truly struck a chord with my heart. His shabad in Raag Basant is heavenly.

  3. Angad Singh Says:

    Prof Kartar Singh ji is truely unmatched..hope to catch him live while i am in india this summers


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