Gurbani Gavoh Bhai: Bhai Ashiqe Ali Bhai Lal

May 11, 2006

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

Today I will be posting the Kirtan sung by the jatha of Bhai Ashiqe Ali Bhai Lal at the Talkatora Gardens in New Delhi at the Gurbani Gavoh Bhai program.

Bhai Sahib is the 17th Generation of Bhai Mardana Ji who was Guru Nanak dev ji’s companion and rabab player.

The Rababis who stayed in and around Amritsar moved over to Pakistan after partition. Partition did a lot of damage to the Rababi community they lost their only source of lively hood as there were very few sikhs in pakistan. As a result some of them started singing qwalis while others took on other odd jobs.

In 1962 SGPC passed a law that only permitted amritdahri sikh men to do kirtan in the Harminder Sahib, this law ment that the rababis who are muslems would not be allowed to do kirtan where they forefathers had been doing kirtan for generations.

Thanks to the effort of numerous groups and individuals the rababis are back today and are singing kirtan. Today they still sing with a vaja. Thanks to Chris Mooney Singh the rabab is back.

All the shabads Bhai Sahib sang were in Nirdharit Raag. In addition he did a lot of parmans. The shabads are as follows.

Sajan Tere Charan – teen Taal – Raag Kanra
Pabh Jio Khasmana – Dadra – Raag Sorath – Puratan Reet
Khalsa Aakal Purkah Ki Fauh – explains what khalsa is
Main Andhulay Ke Take – Dadra – Phari Dhun – Puratan Reet.

Click here to download the shabads. Please download ASAP as the shabads are up only for a week.

Guru Fateh!

Angad Singh


3 Responses to “Gurbani Gavoh Bhai: Bhai Ashiqe Ali Bhai Lal”

  1. jatlee Says:

    man oh man you must of had the time of your life!!

  2. satvinder Says:

    thanks for the bear hugs chotte veer ji.

    Have so much catching up to do on your blog. You’ve posted some excellent stuff recently.

    ps. How are those exams going?

  3. Angad Singh Says:

    yr welcome wadey phenji =)

    well i have 1 more week for this summer term then i am off to india for a 9 week internship..

    i did well in main term exams

    hope you are better now.

    more bear hugs..


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