Delhi here I come…

April 26, 2006

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

I am leaving for Delhi on the 27th of April, the 14th Vaisahk.

I am going to attend Gurbani Gaveh Bhai”, a three-day festival of Sikhdevotional music, is being organised jointly by the Delhi Government and Seher at Talkatora Stadium in Delhi beginning this Friday. The festival will feature performances by distinguished artistes as well as some unique singers.

The detailed program is as follows. On each of the days the Diwan starts at 7pm and ends at about 10:30 pm.

28th April — Singh Bandhu, Divakar Sharma and Ashiq Ali Bhai Lal

29th April—-Prof. Kartar Singh, Dr. Gurnam Singh and Anup Jalota

3oth April Bhai Harbans Singh, Miri Piri Acadamy and Pandit Mohan Singh Khangura

Bhai Ashiq Ali Bhai Lal, is the 17th generation Decendent of Bhai Mardana.

If any of you are in Delhi please do come for the program. Also if you do spot me do stop me to have a word.

I would like to thank my Papa for telling me about this event and sponsoring my trip as well.

I will be back in Singapore on Tuesday, 2nd May, 19th Vaishak.

Guru Fateh!
Angad Singh

5 Responses to “Delhi here I come…”

  1. Prabhu Singh Says:

    Sounds like a nice trip! Though it doesn’t seem like you’ll have enough time to visit the Hari Mandir Sahib.

  2. Angad Singh Says:

    fateh prabhu veerji

    I wont have time to go to hariminder sahib but i will visit the gurudawara sahibs in delhi.

    Guru Ang Sang!

  3. upinder kaur Says:

    Hope I spot you !

  4. S.K. Says:

    First day of festival, hope it’s going well and you’re enjoying yourself.

    Guroo Rakha!

  5. Sikhi Seeker Says:

    Sat Sri Akal,
    I’m back in TO. Angad. It sucks that I had to cut my trip short and just with a gap of few days could have been there for such wonderful event….but I guess it had to be as destined. Well, you enjoy it and bring back stories to learn from 😀
    Your father is sweet to sponsor your trip for such good cause. God bless!

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