..Sharing My Veshaki Gift..

April 12, 2006

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

About 2 days ago I received a DVD in my mail and when I opened the packet it was written on the DVD , Full Anand Sahib. In the DVD was the video recording of Prof Surinder Singh Ji and his students singing the entire 40 pauris of the Anand Sahib in Raamkali Raag.

I am grateful to veerji Harcharn Singh who sent me this wonderful veshaki gift. Since my dear veers at Akji.org have given me server space, I would like to share this wonderful veshaki gift with you.

I have uploaded both the audio as well as the video. I would strongly recommend you to download the video as well. It is very nice to see small kids playing the tabla and the tanti saaz as well.

Audio – Full Anand Sahib – RaagRamkali – Prof Surinder Singh – 40 mb

Video – Full Anand Sahib – RaagRamkali – Prof Surinder Singh – 300mb

If any one has information as to why the Anand Sahib was shortened and when did this happen please let me know.

If for some reason your player is unable to play the video file please download MPlayer.This program plays almost any kind of video file, its really good.

Guru Ang Sang!
Angad Singh


3 Responses to “..Sharing My Veshaki Gift..”

  1. satvinder Says:

    Wow!!! Awesome. How beautiful.

    Well, that tugged the heart strings and left a lump in my throat.

    Thank you so much for sharing (“,)

  2. Angad Singh Says:

    Fateh! Waddey Phenji..

    I am glad you enjoyed the gift :-{)

    guru fateh

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Wahe-Guru ji ka Khalsa Wahe-Guru ji ki Fateh,

    Sorry for not responding to your e-mail, I have been fighting my way up a very high mountain of commitments!

    I have done very little research on 6 pauri Anand Sahib Ji, but my conclusions to date are thus:

    All historical references/rehitname speak of either Anand Sahib (full) or the 1st five paurian, nowhere has 6 paurian been mentioned, certainly nowhere mentions skipping 80% of the holy shabad and going to the last pauri.

    I have heard that this was a British army influenced decision (late 19thc), as the Sikh soldiers used to take so long doing their daily prayers, the Army suggested and ordered for the Anand Sahib to be shortcutted.

    SGPC and the scholars of the time accepted this (with historical reference and justification from teh mention of 5 pauris), and it was thus made maryada.

    But common sense prevails, how can Anand Sahib Ji, a beautiful and priceless treasure given to us by Guru Amardaas ji Maharaj, invoke bliss if we leave out 80% of it, if we take a shortcut?

    Where else do we do this?

    Arguement to this day by many Sikhs is that after kirtan it takes to long, commitees and the sangat want to eat langer after an exhausting programme listening to kirtan…

    Come on, what better way to end daily kirtan in Gur-Ghar than reciting the Anand Sahib, as it was given to us?

    Why would Guru Ji have given us 40 paurian if he only wanted us to sing 6?

    If Anand Sahib is so time consuming, then why have Akhand Paaths? Why not recite from the 1st 5 ang and go to raagmala?

    The same logis applies to Anand Sahib, each pauree is complete in it self when being read, so reading 5 in order is fine. But skipping 6 to 39 and going to 40 and thinking we have complete Anand Sahib is not what Guru Ji intended.

    Secondly from a kirtan point of view, we all know kirtan maryada, the full shabad must be sung, if it has rahao, then it starts and ends with rahao, and has rahao as the chorus.

    If no rahao, then it is to be sung in the order given, from start to finish, starting form the 1st pauree.

    Sorry to go on, the subject is close to my heart.

    Keep up the good work.


    Harcharan Singh

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