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Raag Kanre Ki Vaar is found on Ang 1312 through 1318 of the Guru Granth Sahib. It is the Bani of Melha 4 – Guru Ram Das and it is last Vaar of the 22 Vaars in the Guru Granth Sahib.

The Vaar has been Sung by Bhai Balbir Singh. Bhai Balbir Singh Ji is one of the few Nihangs who does Kirtan and he is legend in his own right. For most of his life he used the Dilruba . However, he switched over to the Vaja some time ago as it is not easy for him to play the dilruba all the time at this age. However, he never compromises on the hukam of the Guru and always sings in the Nirdarit Raag.According to the Sirleh – title, the Vaar is to be sung in Musse Ki Dhune. I have no idea what Musse Ki Dhunni sounds like. If anyone of you have a recording of Bhai Avtar Singh Ji singing this particular vaar please let me know if it is the same.

Bhai Sahib lives in Amrtisar in a small house some where near Hariminder Sahib and has served as a Hazoori Ragi in the Harminder Sahib. If anyone has more information on where he stays or from where we could get more shabads sung by him please let me know.

Raag Kanre Ki Vaar – Bhai Balbir Singh
(ps this is not the entire vaar, its only one shabad from the vaar)

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