Tanti Saaz Kirtan @ Harimander Sahib :Video

March 30, 2006

Guru Fateh!

Not too long ago we heard the tanti saaz being played in Hariminder Sahib. Thanks to http://www.sikhawarness.com I am able to share with all of you a video of Kirtan being done at Hariminder Sahib.

Click Here to Download the Video

I have not yet watched the video fully or listen to the kirtan. I will write about that a little later!


I watched the video, its only 2mins long (sob!). However, I enjoyed those 2 minutes. They are singing a partaal in Basant Raag. If you take a look at my post on Partaals. You will realise that this does not fall under partaal so the use of partal is optional here. The instruments being used are Swarmandal ( the main ragi is playing it), the Taoos, Rabab and one person is playing the Saranda though it can’t be seen very clearly.

I do not know who the ragi is. If any one can identify him please let me know.

Guru Fateh!


4 Responses to “Tanti Saaz Kirtan @ Harimander Sahib :Video”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Dr. Gurnam Singh and Academy from Punjab University

    if you would like more information about this or Gurmat Sangeet – email me

  2. Angad Singh Says:

    Guru Fateh Ji!

    How can i reach you? on my blog there is a button saying contact me you can email me from there.

    I am not putting my email here cause of spam.

    Thanks a lot

    Guru Ang Sang!

  3. Jagdip Singh Says:

    Dear Angad Many thanks for Tanti Saaz Video. I enjoyed those few minutes.
    Ragi I think he is Dr Gurnam Singh
    well known gurmat sangeet singer.

    Jagdip Singh Maria Hong Kong
    email: jsm70@yahoo.com

  4. upinder kaur Says:

    I could not see the video as my windows media Player kept diplaying the message” required codec missing” Can any one having technical knowledge help.

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