Gurmat Sangeet : Ghoriyan

February 27, 2006

Guru Fateh!As I have mentioned in some of my earlier posts there are different kinds of styles of singing in Gurbani Kirtan. In the titles of some shabads the Guru Arjan Dev Ji actually instructed us to sing the shabad in a particular style. Personally I know of 2 folk styles one being Alahniya and the other being Ghoriyan

I have posted about Alhaniya. What it is and how it is related to Guru Mat Sangeet.

As for Ghoriyan:

There is one shabad in Ghoriyan and it is in Raag Vadhans. The shabad is written by Guru Ram Das Ji. Ghoriya – plural form of ghori, a mare. In Panjabi folk poetry, these types of lyrical songs, which are sung on the occasion of marriage.

Panjabi marriages comprise of a series of ceremonies performed at different stages. In one of these ceremonies, the bridegroom mounts a handsomely decorated mare to go to the house of the bride where a reception awaits (barat). The sisters of the bridegroom feed the mare with crushed gram from a plate and embellish the mare with bridle strings. They sing the songs
of ghori; other girls and wom en join them in chorus, as the bridegroom climbs up on the back of the mare.

In the ghoriyan shabad Guru Ji uses the example of marriage specifically the ceremony of ghori to explain the fact that human life is a precious opportunity to be united to God as marriage is the opportunity to be united with the bride. The human body is the mare, riding which the seeker of God could reach his goal. The mind is to be harnessed, conquered and controlled, just as the saddle and bridle only then will he reach his goal.

Another thing that Bhai Kahn Singh Nabha says is that the lyrics of panjabi ghoris were quite lewd and not appropriate. Guru Sahib transforms this cultural aspect and focuses the listener to “spiritual culture”. it shows us that there is indeed a “Sikh Culture” as opposed to a “Panjabi Culture”.

There is only 1 shabad in Ghoriyan and it is found on page 575 of the Guru Granth Sahib Ji. This shabad does not a rahao line thus the 1st line is used as the Asthai. Also if you listen carefully and read the words you will realise that Bhai Sahib adds the word “Ghori” in the begining of the first line. Now this was a puratan style to add words like “vah vah”, “piar” etc..

Dayh Tayjan Jee Ram Upaa-ee-aa Raam
I dont have a copy of this shabad so I have linked it from the archieve thus you will need realplayer to play the shabad.

The shabad is being sung in Raag Vadhans by Bhai Avtar Singh ji and the Dilruba/Taous is being played in the background.

Click here to read the translations from Guru Granth Darpan
the shabad is the 2nd one on the page.

I would like to thank Inderpreet Veerji for telling me about Ghoriyan.

Guru Ang Sang!

Angad Singh


5 Responses to “Gurmat Sangeet : Ghoriyan”

  1. simran singh Says:

    have just gone through your blog and it is impressive…and i can’t understand how you manage to run so many blogs… i have learnt things abt kirtan i never knew, i am grateful to you for the information you are sharing as i intend to begin learning kirtan sometime…though i don’t know when, good work,
    gur fateh

  2. jatlee Says:

    what an excellent write up, very imformative, looking forward to read more like this from you this i didnt know about! very educative!
    thanks bro!

  3. S.K. Says:

    You can read the Ghorian on Ang 575. Also, with anything our Guroo Ji’s made the raag system for a reason, why Raag Vaddhans? “Vaddhans is based on Punjabi Folk music and is set in the traditions of Ghoria, Suhag & Alohnian. The feelings instilled by this raag can be compared to those of a bride on the day of her wedding; she is happy and sad. Although she is going to her groom, who fills her with hope & joy, she is also sad to be leaving her family.” (Mere Mun companion book)

    Stirs my soul…

  4. Anonymous Says:

    if u get an audio for ghorian Vale Raag plz share


  5. Angad Singh Says:

    Dear Anon,

    I do not know what you are trying to ask me. All the details I have related to ghoriya are there on this particular post.


    please include your email next time so that I can respond to you directly.


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