February 25, 2006

Gur Fateh Ji

Off late I have been listening to some of the lectures done by the Raj Academy. These lectures have opend my eyes to a lot of things and answered a lot of questions I had about Gurmat Sangeet. Thus I would urge you to listen to them as well.

For those of us who really wonder is raag kirtan all that necessary I highly recommend you listen to Fusion is Confusion. This lecture will open your eyes to what careless experimentation can lead to in a few years time

History of Sikh Music

In this lecture Prof Surinder Singh takes us through the evelution of Sikh Kirtan An interesting lecture I must say.

Sikh Musicology – The Ancient Art of Healing

In this lecture Prof Surinder explains firstly what musicology actually means and how it has been misinterpreted in the recent past. He also goes on to exlpain the musicology behind 3 raags and shows how they heal a should. The way he explains Raag Maaj is beautiful..i am not going to describe it any further..go listen to it for yourself.

These lectures are about 90 mins long but I really recommend them PLEASE listen to them.

You need RealPlayer to listen to these lectures.

Hope you enjoy the lectures as much as I did.

Guru Ang Sang!

Angad Singh


One Response to “Lectures..”

  1. jatlee Says:

    very important lectures highly recomended to listen!

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