February 21, 2006

This picture depects life to me..a long path where the end not in sight you dont know how far or near the end is so you keep going on and on..also you have no idea from where and when some thing might get in your way..and there is no one with you..people come and go its only the hand of god that stays with you.. Posted by Picasa


4 Responses to “Life..”

  1. Puneet Kaur Says:


    Life is really like that meandering road and we are all actually alone and only Maharaj is our true companion, like Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahibji says in Devgandhari Mehla nauva
    Jagat Mein Jhoothi Dekhi Preet.Apne hi sukh syo sabh laage kya daara kya meet.
    If one understands the meaning of this shabad i believe he/she has realized the truth; i.e HIS NAME is everything!

  2. upinder kaur Says:

    Its absolutely true!
    When I was reading what you had written I was reminded of this shalok by Bhagat Kabir ji
    kabeer garab na keejee-ai rank na hasee-ai ko-ay.
    Kabeer, do not be so proud, and do not laugh at the poor.
    ajahu so naa-o samundar meh ki-aa jaan-o ki-aa ho-ay. ||39||
    Your boat is still out at sea; who knows what will happen? ||39||(SGGS-1366)
    The feelings are same -either a boat at sea OR a long tortuos road. Keep it up!Gurfateh

  3. Beautiful and soo true…….

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