Some Shabads..

February 16, 2006


I have been listening to some shabads and I wanted to share them with you.

These two shabads were sung by Bhai Narajan Singh in 1991. After a number of years Bhai Sahib has started to sing in Title Raag once again. Most of the kirtan he does now is in title raag. Listen carefully you ll hear a stringed instrument playing in the back ground.

Ramiya Hon Barik Tera – Raag Assa – Bhai Niranjan Singh in 1991

Ram Nam Kau Namaskar – Raag Mali Gaura – Bhai Niranjan Singh in 1991

The 3rd shabad in sung by Bhai Amrik Singh Ji and his jatha. The dilruba can be heard in the background.

Mera Mun Lochey Gur Darshan – Bhai Amrik Singh

These shabads are sung in the Nirdhart Raags and the compositions are very simple and straightforward. This is to give you an idea as to how kirtan can be done in Raags and can yet be very simple.

In addition, if you have read my last post I mention that kirtan should have a slow pace. I believe that the pace of the kirtan is just right.

Hope you enjoy them.

Guru Ang Sang!

Angad Singh

PS. the linkes to the video under the post “A gem I stumbled on” are up and I have taken down the salok mehla 9.


3 Responses to “Some Shabads..”

  1. S.K. Says:


    Thanks for fixing the video links, I’m downloading them now…We are forever grateful to those who are preserving our heritage, but remember they can’t do it forever, it’s up to us to take charge as well. Great work.

    Re: about the leh (tempo) of kirtan, I completely agree. The point is to attune ourself with Guroo Ji and with the shabad. It’s one thing to sing in title raag, but also essential to connect with it to receive the healing attributes…to high spirits…

  2. Angad Singh Says:

    Gur fateh JI!

    Just to make it clear, I am not the one hosting the video links, we should thank our brothers at, they are the ones hosting it.

    in addition i totally agree that we ought to attune with god. that is the reason i put up some shabads just to let people know singing in raag does not mean numerous taans and alaaps and what nots..

    gur fateh ji!

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