Salok Mehla 9

January 18, 2006

Gur Fateh!Salok Mehal 9 is the last Salok written in the Guru Granth Sahib. It was recited by Guru Teg Bahadur Sahib Ji.

This bani is reffered to as Viragmai bani. Virag means detachment. I have been very fortunate to have read this bani numerous times and I try to read english explaination as well.Guru Ji’s talks about how we are wasting our time and not doing bani and we dont realize that each moment we dont recite bani we are dying. He adds that only God will be with you for ever; every thing else is temperory. Guruji’s finally says that everything happens in God’s will.

Salok Melha 9 is not written in any particular raag. Thus different people sing it in different ways. I particularly like Bhai Amrik Singh Zakhmi Ji’s rendition of Salok Mehla 9. If you listen carefully you will hear the dilruba being played in the background.

Click here to download.

Click here to read Salok Melha 9 along with the explaination done by Prof. Sahib Singh

Hope you like it.

Guru Ang Sang!

Angd Singh


4 Responses to “Salok Mehla 9”

  1. upinder kaur Says:

    Your Blog is really good !Full of wisdom & knowledge. God Bless You! guru Kirpa kare! Such works of youth make me very happy.All the best!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Angad

    I really enjoyed Zakhmi’s Salok Mehla 9 rendition. The pace is great!

    Thanks for sharing it

    Anywhere we can get a translation of the darpan reference? Due to a serious lack of practice, my punjabi school aquired literacy will only take me so far!


  3. Sikhi Seeker Says:

    Doesn’t matter how many times and in whatever way I tell you this, you might not beleive it – this post is a BLESSING to me. Angad veer, I’ve been distant from Satguru for a while, I don’t know what exactly happened (I mean i have a avague idea). And missing on the Baaiirag for Satguru is like draining water out of roots. Thanks for this post. But if you can post something to help pick me up for every fall I encounter, I’ll owe you forever.
    Sikhi Seeker

  4. lakhvir Says:

    veer, the link you posted has an error, says ‘file does not exist’. please could you re-post?

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