A Lullaby..Raag Ghori Deepki..

January 3, 2006

On Christmas Day I heard Prof Surinder singing Sohila in the nirdharit Raag Ghori Deepki. The raag is an evening raag. It was a real lullaby..I found a recording of the same shabad being sung in the nirdharit Raag Ghori Deepki and its being sung by Dr Gurnam Singh ji and a tanti saaz is playing in the back ground. I am not too sure which instrument is playing though. The way Dr. Gurnam Singh ji sang the shabad is quite close to the way Prof Surinder sang.

Click here to download the shabad.

Do enjoy the lullaby..I hope an increasing number of people can begin to appreciate what the Guru’s have done for us…not only in the field of music..

Some of you might wonder why do I keep going on and on about kirtan/gurmat sangeet.. close to 95 % or more of our bani is written in Raag..and even the raags have been arranged in a particular manner. I believe our gurus are sending a message to us that Kirtan is extremely important. In addition I am of the opinion that if kirtan is so important we ought to make sure we do it properly and that is why I am so passionate about this topic.

Guru Rakaha
Angad Singh


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