Raj Academy In Singapore

December 27, 2005

The members of the Raj Academy were here in Singapore for 3 days unfortunately I was able to attend only 1 diwan and 1 Talk. I must say it was pure BLISS..just BLISS. I really regret not being able to go for the other sessions.

I witnessed an event that had not occured in more than a 100 years. All 6 Saaz designed and used in the courts of our Guru’s played together. The Rabab, Pakawaj, Dilruba, Sarangi, Saranda and the Taoos..

When the tanti saaz is played, the feelings evoked are just amazing, one has to listen to the tanti saaz play to understand what I am talking about. A waja..is seriously no match to any tanti saaz.

To read more about the tanti saaz please read the article Gurmat Sangeet and Stringed Insturments( Tanti Saaz) written by Sarabpreet Singh who maintaints the GurmatSangeet Website.

In the diwan I attended the Jatha sang

Parbhatee Mehla 3
Har Jio Sada Teri Sar Nai
teen taal

Bilawa, Kabir Ji ki Bani
Kohahu har smane nai rajaj
teen taal

tum ho sabh rajan key raja
jhap taal, teen taal

Raag Gauri Deepki Melha 1
tum ghavoh mere nirbha

The Talk was on the Topic Fusion is confusion. Prof Surinder Singh made it very clear how incorrect exprementation had led to horrible distortion of our kirtan and from Guru’s Mat it has become Man Mat.

Gurjot attended all but 1 of the diwans and visit his blog to see what he has to share. Gurjot and I took some pictures check out Raj Academy’s Visit to Singapore

Guru Ang Sang!
Angad Singh


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