Malaysian Samelan 2005- Mind Blowing

December 27, 2005

Gur Fateh Ji!

I got back from the samelan on saturday night. However, I am writing about it only now as I was extremely tired.

Like the previous Samelans, this one was mind blowing as well. The events the activities were just too good.

The Time Table was as follows:

Wake up : 0415
Nitnem(optional) :0500
Japi for everyone :0620
Breakfast :0700
Nishan Sahib Salami :0800
Jatha Meeting : 0830
Gurudawara : 0945
Learning Module : 1120
Lunch : 1300
Sadhna(Yoga with CKJ) : 1415
Optional Talks : 1630
Shastar Vidya
Amrit Sanchar Talks
Musical Frame Work
Dhol Clinic
Malaysian Sikh Band Clinic
Break :1730
Rehraas : 1900
Dinner :1945
Gurudawara : 2030
Milo : 2230
Lights out :2300

Each Jatha was assigned various different sewas ranging from leading the paath to cleaning toilets and doing langar sewa. Thus depending on the sewa allocated that particular jatha would be allowed to leave earlier to go and do the sewa.

Amardeep Ji spoke on Understanding the Musical Frame Work Of the SGGS on 2 days. Both the days the turn out was good. All those who attended the talk were totally shocked and surprised.

Gurudawara Programs

Amongs the Gurudawara Programs I really liked the one done by the Bangkok Jatha. They Sang the Shabad Oha Prem Piri. After singing the Shabad Davinder Singh Spoke about the Love between his Guru and A Sikh. What really got me interested was the fact that he spoke in a jovial manner and constantly showed us via use of anecedotes how we don’t tolerate any thing bad/negative said about our girlfriends and all but when some one says anything to our guru we just sit quietly…At time we too ourselves do the same to our guru…He spoke on what the love should be like.

The SAJ Jatha did amazing Kirtan as well. They spoke about the relation of the Sikhs with the Gurus and the Saheedi of our 4 Sahibzadas.

Finally the kirtan session that really moved almost all of us to tears was the one done by Surjit from Sabha. They did Salok Melha 9. Along with that they explained Salok Melha 9 and slapped us hard by telling us what we have been doing and what we should have been. The lights had been dimmed, everyone had their eyes closed and they explained in simple words not literal translations. Everytime I think of it I am moved to tears.

The Chardi Kala Jatha did some amazing kirtan. In the 1st Diwan they sang a lot of Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s bani in Raag MaalKauns and most of the compositions were in Teen Taal and Ek Taal. In the 2nd Diwan they Sang Japji Sahib. That was so nice.

Learning Modules

The Learning modules were based on same theme as the kirtan. They were basically a follow up of the kirtan. We were split up into group of 30ish students according to age group and this helped a lot. Some lectueres spoke at length while others had more of a question answer session. The presence of some Miri Piri Academy Students made the discussion very interesting as they spoke up freely while some of the local participants were less vocal.

I had a great time at the samelan as I had loads of fun and I learnt a lot( More about that in another post). The fact that my friends from Singapore were there we would meet up and discuss what happened in the learning modules and this enhanced our learning.

My jatha was a very motivated Jatha. They never gave up. Always pushed themselves to do the best. The day we had Japji Sewa my Jatha members woke up in time to lead the optional Nitnem and then even did the 20 mins simran before leading the entire samelan for Japji Sahib.

Gurpal has written in detail about the various activities at the samelan. Also he has uploaded some of the pictures. Do check his blog.


Guru Ang Sang!


PS. there is more to come so watch this space


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