Sabh Teh Vada Satgur Nanak Jin Kal Rakhe Meri!!

November 20, 2005

Gur Fateh Ji,All of us must have gone to Gurudawara on Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s Parkash Dehara. In addition we would have sung the shabad Sabh Teh Vada Satgur Nanak Jin Kal Rakhe Meri. You must be wondering what I am trying to get at.

Now as we know where there is a Rahao Line in the shabad that should be used as the Asthai(Chorus). In this particular shabad the Rahao line is Maray Ram Raye Tu Santa Ka Sant Tere. Tere Sewak Ko Bahu Kich Nai Jam Nahi Ave Neray.

Thus when most of the time we use the wrong Asthai Line the message the Guru is coveying to us gets distorted. At times the distortion is minimal but in a lot of cases the meaning becomes totally opposite.

To Read the meaning of this shabad with the Rahao line as the fulcrum please click here.
The explaination is done by Prof. Sahib Singh Ji and its in punjabi.

If you would like to listen to the shabad please click the link below and download the shabd. I have liked it from the Gurmat Sangeet Website.

Mere Ram Raye Tu Santa Ka Sant Tere – Sohee Mehla 5 – Dharm Singh Zakhmi

Hope you like it!

Guru Ang Sang!

Angad Singh

Amardeep Uncle Ji if there is anything that I have said incorrectly please let me know. Also please feel free to add anymore points.


One Response to “Sabh Teh Vada Satgur Nanak Jin Kal Rakhe Meri!!”

  1. Angad Says:


    On the shabad “Sabtey Vadda Satgur……..” you are correct but let me add a few more things for the holistic understanding.

    Rahau line refers to God (Mere Ram Rai) and says that you belong to the God Oriented people and they belong to you, who on become one with you, become fearless and never die a spiritual death.

    So the discussion here is of God and God Oriented people.

    Author of this shabad is Mehla 5 (Guru Arjan Dev Ji). He is talking about Guru Nanak Devji in the last line. Definitely he is not saying that Guru Nanak is the Greatest of all (as is said in the English Translation of Guru Granth Sahib on the Net).

    In this line, people don’t focus on the clear grammatical use of aunkar with R of Satgur and K of Nanak and think that Satgur Nanak is referred to Guru Nanak being the greatest of all.

    Use of Aunkar with last letter is a unique grammatical concept only found in Gurbani. Aunkar and Sihari in last characer are generally silent. It’s use in writing doesn’t impact the way we speak them. They are there for grammar.

    The word Nanak is found with and without aunkar under K in Gurbani. Under latter, it conveys the meassage

    “Says Nanak……..” or “Proclaims Nanak……..”, etc.

    It refers to third party.

    When there is an Aunkar, it means the Noun is Singular and Masculine in nature. It refers to first person. For instance in Japji Sahib “Nanak Neech Kahey Veechar….”. Nanak here has an aunkar under K which means Nanak is calling himself as a Lowly person (Neech) who can’t even sacrifice himself to the Lord. If it was devoid of Aunkar, it would imply a proclmation and reference to third party. Which means “Nanak says, Lowly people say a Veechar”.

    See how a single Aunkar changes the meaning of the line from calling oneself a low person to saying that the lowly people say…..

    Similarly, in this shabad “Sab Tey Vada……”, Nanak with Aunkar and Satgur with Aunkar imply different message. The last stanza has two lines.

    Line 1 – “Gyan Dhyan……..” : I didnot have any knowledge, consciousness, merituous actions and didn’t know about your greatness”

    Line 2 – “Sab Tey……” : Satgur with Aunkar refers to GOD in a singluar/masculine noun form. Nanak with K also refers to Nanak himself.

    This line therefore means that while I was worthless (line 1) but with I have found the greatest amongst all, GOD (Satgur) through the Grace of Nanak (the bodily/knowledge guru form) has protected my honor.

    So while Guru Nanak is referred here but its not as the greatest of all. That place belongs to God and Nanak has been graceful to us to have taken us on that path.

    Amardeep Singh

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