A Shabad I would like to share

October 22, 2005

Dear All,

Gur Fateh!

Not to long ago, I was listening to the the shabad Saajanara Mera Sajanara. And all of a sudden I realized the meaning of the shabad, its is so simple yet soo deep.

It is clearly mentioned in the Shabad that without the True Guru one will never notice God, who is standing right next to him.

Kaho Nanak Gur Bin Nahee Soojhai Har Sajan Sabh Kay Nikat Khara Hain.

Click here to download

The Shabad is sung in Ramkali Raag by Bhai Avtar Singh Jee in 15 matras and the Panj Taal is being played.

Amardeep Uncle if you would like to add any points please do so.

Guru Ang Sang!

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