Gurmat Sangeet – Alhaniya

October 13, 2005

The Sikh Gurus incorporated various folk tunes along with the main styles of singing of the 15th and 16th Century – Dhrupad and Khyal. More on Dhrupad and Khyal in later posts..

This particular shabad is in Raag Wadhans and it is sung in Alhaniyan. Alhaniyan were sung by the women of the family who just lost a member. They sang the praises of the person who just passed away. So the gurus instead included this form into Gurmat Sangeet so that the grieving family member could sing praises of Waheguru rather than the person who passed away.

There are 2 shabads in Alahaniyan. They start on page 578 and end on page 580 of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib. Each shabd comprises of 4 sections.

This shabad is Sung by Bhai Avtar Singh Jee and his jatha. In the shabad he explains a little bit more about Alahaniyan.

Dhan Siranda Sacha Patshah- Bhai Avtar Singh Jee

The second shabad is Avoh Miloh Saheliyo Sachra.

To listen to more of Avtar Singh Jee’s Shabads

Ps. Amardeep Uncle please correct me if I have mentioned anything that is incorrect.

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