Sulfaq in Singapore..

September 25, 2005

Today at Gurjot Singh Jee played the Tabla with Amardeep Singh Jee during the Assa Di Waar. One of the Shabads was sung in the 10 beat Sulfaq taal. This Taal is generaly played on the Pakawaj, an ancient instrument that looks some what like a dholkie.

Unfortunately I was only able to get a few seconds but I’ll be posting longer videos Soon..of the Sulfaq and the Char Taal

PS..try to observe how Gurjot Singh Jee playes the Khule how he plays the jori..

3 Responses to “Sulfaq in Singapore..”

  1. Anonymous Says:

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  2. amit Says:

    excellent recitel, its been a while I heard this good music ever since I left Delhi.

  3. Angad Singh Says:

    amit jee, if you are in singapore please come to singh sabha gurudawara shaib on sunday morning at 530 in the morning.

    Guru Ang Sang!

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