Turban Tying Video

September 8, 2005

Dear All,The Turban Tying Video is up. Please visit http://radio.sikhnet.com:8080/ramgen/SNMedia/Video/Sikhism/Tying_A_Turban.rm to watch the video.

Incase you want to go throught the Read Me file. Do let me know I will email it to you.

If you have any queries please feel free to contact me

Guru Ang Sang!
Angad Singh


8 Responses to “Turban Tying Video”

  1. hey man, nice to see this video. Guru bless u for doing such a beautiful work. i have learnt some thing from there. i will let others know about the video.

  2. msingh Says:

    Congratulations to all who produced the video. Well produced, clear, good commentary. I will spread the word.

    ps. I wouldn’t mind receiving the seminar presentation on keertan and shabad mentioned earlier in your blog.

    Incidentally, are you related to Aswinder?

    m singh

  3. Anonymous Says:


  4. Angad Singh Says:



    There are various ways to tie the turban.

    Some people believe it is wrong to even do a pooni or to fold the turban. They believe you have to gather the turban and tye it, the way a dumalla is tied.

    This is the most basic way. Once people know how to tie their turban then they can move to not puting in the mouth or not dooing a pooni etc..

    I’d appreciate if you stop yelling on my blog and please sign off your name.

    Guru Raka

  5. Sukhmeet Puri Says:

    Satsriakal ji,
    I am not able to view the turban tying video..can anybody help??

  6. Divjot Says:

    Hi first of all i am trying to learn tying a turban but i dont have much of practice and secong i am not able to see the video can some one please help me out. Thanks in advance!

  7. Gurkirat Singh Says:

    hi …i recently saw your video and found your style of turban tying very simple and attractive..I have learned that style and enjoying myself …thank you…if you find some more styles on the net , kindly send me the links….

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