The Hook, Line and Sinker..

August 28, 2005

Yesterday at the talk on UNDERSTANDING SHABAD & MUSICAL FRAMEWORK OF GURU GRANTH SAHIB Amardeep Singh jee spoke about how he feels that Guru is a great fisherman.

In fishing, a fisherman has a Rod to which he attaches a line. To the like he attaches a Hook and on the hook he has a bait.

From his research he found that the Guru uses the 1st Stanza in a shabad to get our attention, that is the Bait. In order to Hook us on the Guru has the Rahao line. This is the most Important as this is the central theme of the shabad. So when we try to understand the message in the shabad, we should make sure we do it in context to the Rahao line.

The Guru then use the Line to pull us towards him. At times by hugging us and at times by kicking us hard! Finally, in the conclusion line the Guru pulls the rod out, he brings us closer to himself.

In order to explain the importance of Raag in Gurbani Kirtan. Amardeep Unlce used another example.

Shabad is like a bullet and Raag is the Gun and the target is the Human Soul.

For maximum effect, the bullet has to be put in the right gun. If you use a different gun, the bullet wont fire as well. Also he mentions that in Gurmat Sangeet, the Shabad is the most important. Music cannot take presedence over the shabad.

Amardeep Uncle, if I have communicated any message incorrectly please correct me.

Guru Ang Sang!

Angad Singh


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