Air Chief Marshal Arjan Singh

August 22, 2005

(President of India Dr. Abdul Kalam greets Air Chief Marshal Arjan Singh and General JJ Singh, the Chief of the Indian Army looks on.)

Arjan Singh is the only Marshal the Indian Air Force has ever had. Like Field Marshal S H F J Manekshaw, he is an officer of five star rank. India has had only three five star rank officers — the late Field Marshal K M Cariappa being the other — all legendary soldiers who never retire from service.
Even though he led the IAF during the India-Pakistan war 40 years ago next month, Marshal Arjan Singh retains his military bearing, standing tall and erect. Arjan Singh is almost 90 years old now.
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One Response to “Air Chief Marshal Arjan Singh”

  1. Vicky Singh Says:

    Thanks for the great picture. I always love to read about sikhs soldiers who served in world wars. Arjan singh is fine example of Air Force and probably the living legend of Sikh Soldier during the World War II.

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