Are you A modern Sikh??

July 26, 2005

On numerous occasions I have been asked by Sikhs and Non Sikhs if I am a Modern Sikh. When they are asked what do they Mean by modern. Yes! you guessed right. Do you have a turban or not?

Sada Sat Simran Singh is what I call a modern Sikh. A person who is modern in the true sense of the word. He is dressed in the full roop given to us by Shree Guru Gobind Singh Jee and he is enjoying a chilled coke.

Yes I wear a truban and I maintain my roop but I am modern because my thoughts are modern. These thoughts are such due to the teaching of my religion- Sikhism. Thus I believe the roop and the teachings of Sikhism make one a Modern Person.


One Response to “Are you A modern Sikh??”

  1. Akal !

    Humbly Yours,

    Rajveer Singh Khalsa.
    House of Guru Ram Das ji.

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